The Mayflower Compact: Would You Sign?

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Fifth Grade Holidays Activities: The Mayflower Compact: Would You Sign?

What You Need:

  • Mayflower Compact Worksheet (Download here)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Some curious kids

What You Do:

  1. Of course, you can always just print out our worksheet and hand it over. But for maximum learning, we have another suggestion: try setting the scene. Read our “imagine” section above, and invite kids to picture themselves on the boat and onshore. Or, if they need a more immediate cue, ask what might happen if they were on some desert island reality show with a bunch of people. How would they make sure that everyone got along? What rules would be most important, and who would be in charge?
  2. Now hand around the Mayflower Compact worksheet, and read it aloud together. Invite your kids to talk it over. What would they agree with? What would they not? Why?
  3. We think you can expect a very interesting conversation—one that you and your kids remember for a long time!

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