Fractions can be a tricky concept for third graders to master, but this guided lesson can help kids get there. It provides focused instruction designed by teachers and curriculum experts that is specific to the year four curriculum. Exercises and practical examples help kids to put fractions in context with real-world maths problems. When finished with the lesson, check out our fractions worksheets for more practise.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Worm Sandwich Fractions
Get your worm hoagies! Birdee and her feathered friends get wiggly, squiggly sandwiches divided up in equal shares in this food truck game. Kids correctly identify simple fractions to help Chef Cuz-Cuz create enough shares for every hungry customer. Great for visual learners, this game helps kids understand fractions as parts of a whole in an engaging way.
Fractions and Fair Shares
Help your students understand how to identify fair shares in fractions problems with this helpful exercise.
Jungle Fractions on a Number Line
Roly needs to get across the jungle, and the only way to get there is to answer fractions! Kids will love playing this animated game as they listen to silly noises and add fractions. Adding fractions on a number line is an excellent strategy to help kids understand the value of one whole and how it gets split up.
Fractions on a Number Line 1
Put things in perspective for students with this exercise that shows them how to place fractions on a number line.
Fractions and Line Plots 1
Show students how to use a line plot to examine fractions with this easy to follow exercise.
Fractions and Parts of a Whole: Irregular Partitions
Show students how to use fractions to deal with parts of a whole that are irregularly partitioned with this clear exercise.
Fractions and Parts of a Set
Show students how fractions can be part of a greater whole with this exercise on fractions as parts of a set.
Equivalent Fractions 1
Equivalent Fractions will help students practise this key year four skill.
Gem Mining Fraction Conversion
Time to head to the mines! In this game, kids help Birdee uncover gems by picking away the correct fraction of rock. Perfect for building a conceptual understanding of parts of a whole, this game helps kids relate improper and mixed fractions to each other. After uncovering gems to represent specific parts of a whole, players must identify the mixed or improper fraction that corresponds with it.
Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions 1
Not all fractions are created equal, and this exercise introduces students to mixed numbers and improper fractions.
Comparing Fractions with Like Denominators: Space Voyage
Floyd is heading to planet Zorb, but he's running low on fuel cells. Help his space ship get where it needs to go by comparing fractions. Perfect helping third graders understand parts of a whole, this game challenges players to create visuals of fractions with common denominators, compare them to each other, and put them in order from least to greatest (or vice versa).
Compare Fractions with the Same Denominators 1
Students will love comparing fractions with the same denominators once they work through this exercise.
Compare Fractions with Different Denominators 1
This exercise will explain to students the confusing task of comparing fractions with different denominators.
Whole Numbers as Fractions
After completing this exercise, students will be able to convert whole numbers into fractions with ease.
Fractions and Money
Show students how fractions are relevant to their own lives with this exercise based on money.

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