Fractions can be challenging when taught in an abstract way. That’s why this unit invites learners to engage with fractions and mixed numbers in very visual and concrete ways using number lines, tape diagrams and area models. Students will learn different strategies to practise identifying and generating equivalent fractions.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Fractions on a Number Line 3
Fractions on a Number Line 3 will help students practise this key year six skill.
Unlike Denominator Fraction
Floyd's being fitted for a new set of teeth, but he needs help figuring out fractions to get his new chompers. Kids use the tape diagram model to identify equivalent fractions and least common multiples in this game. Once identified, players must add and subtract their new fractions in order to help Floyd finally get his new pearly whites.
Fractions and Tape Diagrams
By using a tape diagram, students will be able to visualize fractions much more easily.
Gem Mining: Converting Improper and Proper Fractions
Pickaxes on the ready! Kids must mine for gems with Birdee by using their understanding of mixed and improper fractions. Good for practising halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths, and eighths, this fraction game challenges players to convert mixed fractions to improper fractions (and vice versa) to unearth gems in the rock.
Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions 3
After this final exercise in the series, students will be completely comfortable identifying and working with mixed numbers and improper fractions.
Decimal Fractions 2
Converting decimals to fractions is a lot easier for students once they have worked through this exercise.
Decimal Fractions and Percents
Show students how to switch seamlessly back and forth from decimals to fractions to percents with this exercise.
Area and Unit Fractions
Students will understand how to calculate the area of an object with unit fractions as its dimensions after completing this exercise.
Equivalent Fractions 3
Being able to pick out equivalent fractions will be much easier for students who complete this exercise.
Rectangular Fraction Models and Equivalence
If your students need a different way to visualize fractions, show them this exercise on rectangular fraction models and equivalence.

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