Grammar is an essential part of the year three language arts curriculum. This guided lesson teaches second graders how to properly use collective nouns, additonal nouns and verbs, and provides plenty of opportunities to practise these grammar rules in context. For more important practise with nouns and verbs, download and print the grammar worksheets that we suggest alongside this lesson.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Nouns and Verbs Sort
It's snack time! Kids must identify different parts of speech in this delicious word game. Perfect for helping young learners distinguish between nouns and verbs, this game will become an instant favorite thanks to its brightly-colored artwork and fun characters ... all while helping children strengthen their reading skills.
Sentence Builder: Pronouns
He, she, it or we? Pronouns replace nouns in sentences, and it's critical kids learn how to use them properly for reading and writing success. Give young learners the practise they need with this interactive sentence-building game! In it, they'll learn how to use sentence clues to determine which pronoun correctly fits into the blank.
The Copy Pox
Floyd has a serious case of the sniffles—and every time he sneezes, he creates another group of objects! In this silly story, kids learn all about collective nouns while following along as Floyd and his friends try to cure him of his copy pox. Perfect for introducing children to parts of speech, this interactive tale is universally appealing to kids of all ages.
Collective Nouns Quiz
What do you call a group of ants? In this comprehension game, kids use their knowledge from The Copy Pox to answer multiple-choice questions about collective nouns. Ideal for honing grammar skills, this quiz helps kids strengthen their writing and vocabulary knowledge to become better writers, readers, and all-around learners.
Sentence Builder: Adjectives and Adverbs
Quick or quickly? Adjectives and adverbs can be tricky for kids to learn how to use properly. Help children master when to use each in their writing with this sentence-building game. With each correct answer, young learners will help Floyd build another layer of a wall and strengthen writing skills to boot.
Sentence Spinner
Expanding simple sentences is an important skill for young kids to build. Help children master the ability to create complex sentences with this wacky sentence spinner game! Focused on adding adjectives, prepositional phrases and other parts of speech to simple sentences, this game helps kids acquire the skills they need to become stronger writers.

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