Learning certain patterns and word structures can be extremely helpful in learning to spell words correctly. This series of activities and exercises walk students through some of the most common patterns, like double consonants, homophones and contractions where they will have the opportunity to learn and practise spelling more difficult words. Students will also attack some more commonly misspelled words in the English language.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Multi-Syllable Words Spelling Patterns: Floyd Danger
Multi-syllable words don't have to be tricky when you play this game! This interactive game makes it so fun to practise breaking apart long words into shorter syllables, which is a helpful spelling tactic. Go with Floyd on an adventure and collect coins and treasures along the way. Your child won't get tired of this fun grammar game!
Multi-Syllable Spelling 2
This exercise will help students expand their vocabulary by learning how to read multi syllable words.
Double Consonants
This exercise will teach students learn how to pronounce the unique sounds of words containing double syllables.
Homophone Sentence Building
Learning about homophones is essential for growing reading and writing skills—particularly spelling. Help Floyd Snow construct his wall by selecting homophones. In this reading game, kids must choose between two homophones to complete a sentence. With each correct answer, a layer of the wall is built. Players must keep choosing homophones until the wall is complete.
Homophones 2
Some words are remarkably similar, and this exercise will build students’ confidence in finding the difference between them.
Irregularly Spelled Words 2
English is a language full of exceptions to rules, and this exercise will enhance students’ understanding of irregularly spelled words.

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