July 22, 2015
By Jen Kessel

Lesson plan

Leaf Art Animals

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Students will be able to manipulate leaves into different animals to create a picture. They will then write a story about their animal using details.

(4 minutes)
  • Show the class a pile of leaves you've collected previously.
  • Tell them that are going to use the leaves to create unique animals. Define UniqueAs meaning all of the animals are different.
  • Explain to the class that when they are done creating their animals they will write a story about them as though they were alive.
(6 minutes)
  • Show the class a few examples of leaf animals and come up with backstories for them as a class.
(18 minutes)
  • Students may work with partners while creating animals to share ideas with one another if desired.
  • Have students choose a few leaves and hand out paper and glue.
  • Tell students to lay out the design before gluing. Once they have an animal, they may glue it down and draw its environment in the background using crayons.
(17 minutes)
  • Once their animal is ready, students can pick up the writing paper and start their stories.
  • Ask them to share details about the animal they created.
  • Enrichment:Ask students to show detail in both their writing pieces and pictures. Advanced students could do some research on their animal to incorporate it into their story.
  • Support:For students who may need support, ask them to create an animal they are familiar with, as it will make it easier to write a story about the animal.
(1 minute)
  • Teacher observation, class participation, animal leaf picture, and writing piece can all be used for assessment.
(9 minutes)
  • Have the students present their animal with their story in front of the class, small groups, or in partners.

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