October 3, 2015
By Elizabeth S. Tyree

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Students will be able to read multiple books in a series and compare and contrast the stories.

(5 minutes)
  • Tell students that today, they will be reading Llama LlamaBooks by Anna Dewdney.
  • Explain to them that they will be looking closely at the Illustrations,Or pictures, the Prose,Or words, used to tell the story, and the Point of view,Which can mean either the view that the story was written in (first, second, or third), or how a characters sees and reacts to an action.
  • Activate prior knowledge by asking for a show of hands of how many students have seen and/or read a Llama LlamaBook before.
(10 minutes)
  • Read a picture book (not by Anna Dewdney) to the class while pointing out the correlation between illustrations and prose.
  • Show students the stack of Anna Dewdney picture books.
(15 minutes)
  • Depending on class size and setup, as well as the amount of Llama LlamaBooks you posses, students can work either individually or in varying group sizes to read one picture book.
  • Pass out the Pictures and Prose and the Points of View worksheets.
  • Students will turn these in for a grade.
(45 minutes)
  • Pass out the The Same But Different Too worksheets.
  • Have students write down the pertinent information for the book they currently have, and then exchange it for a new one.
  • Repeat the previous step, allowing students a few minutes to read the book and write down the information.
  • Give students the remainder of lesson time to complete the worksheet and essay.
  • Students may complete the essay as homework or in a continuation of this lesson.
  • Enrichment:Advanced students may be allowed to compare and contrast more than three Llama LlamaBooks. They may also be allowed to watch Llama LlamaBeing read aloud in a video. Students in need of enrichment may be given a coloring sheet connected to the lesson. Students in need of enrichment may be allowed to complete the lesson over older children's picture books instead of Llama Llama.
  • Support:Students in need of support may listen to audio recordings of their books. Students in need of writing support may have their worksheets tailored to their needs. They may also be allowed to study in a group. Students in need of support may not be required to complete the essay.
(5 minutes)
  • Let students know that all four sheets will be turned in for grading.
(5 minutes)
  • Ask students some reflection questions. Possible questions include: Were all of the books the same? What can you tell me about the illustrations? Did the Llama house/school/store look familiar? Do you have any of those toys at your house?

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