October 4, 2017
By Lily Jones

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Students will be able to analyze word types and syllables.

(10 minutes)
  • Ask, “How many syllables are in your name?” Have students clap to determine the number of syllables in their names.
  • Write a quick graph on the board to record how many syllables are in the class’ names.
(10 minutes)
  • Write the following sentence on the board: “Susan’s dog was bigger than all the cats.”
  • Explain that the sentence contains many different types of words. Tell students that the word “Susan’s” is PossessiveBecause the 'sMeans that dog belongs to Susan.
  • Explain that the word “dogs” is a PluralNoun because it refers to more than one dog.
  • Finally, share that the word “bigger” is called a ComparativeBecause it compares two things (in this case Susan’s dog and the cats.)
(10 minutes)
  • Tell students to work in pairs to write a sentence that fits the following rules:
    • Contains a comparative
    • Contains a plural noun
  • Give students time to write their sentences, then have them share them with the group.
(20 minutes)
  • Pass out the Wacky Sentences worksheets. Have students complete the worksheet independently.
  • After they finish, have students work in partners to give each other sentence challenges (similar to the Wacky Sentences worksheet).

Support:Only have students work with 1-2 types of words when creating sentences.

Enrichment:Have students add in different types of words to the sentences they challenge their partners to create.

(5 minutes)
  • Assess students’ understanding by noticing how they are identifying and using different types of words.
(5 minutes)
  • Have students share some of the sentences they created during independent work time.

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