How to Amp Up Your Child's Self-Esteem

Did you know that YOU'RE the secret to raising your kid's confidence? Find out five ways to boost his self-esteem.

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Being a Parent Ain't Easy...But It Sure Can Be Fun!

Every child needs at least one warm and loving adult who will be there for the long-run. Whether it be a friend, teacher, or a relative, a trusting relationship teaches how to care for others with compassion. A lasting connection lays the foundation for developing future productive relationships.

1. Converse With Your Kid

Conversation is a way to show interest and build relationships. A parent or family member who lovingly talks to a kid about his life, interests, feelings and thoughts helps the child build language skills and feel loved. Encouraging chats boost confidence and independence.

2. Set Loving Limits

Set a curfew or a weekly allowance to show care and concern. Consistent and reasonable boundaries help a child feel safe, likeable, and loved. Developmentally-appropriate boundaries guide the expectations and behaviors you expect from children while encouraging them to reach their potentials.

3. Give Him Genuine Encouragement

A simple smile or an encouraging nod communicates that you care and appreciate your child. Talk to him with a genuine interest rather than excessively showering him with empty praise.

4. Encourage Her to Cope With Difficult Situations

Encourage him to cope with difficult situations. Guide him through resolving conflict, managing anger, and struggling with stress. Strengthen self-esteem during times of setbacks or crises by not wavering in your love and support. If you believe in him, he is more likely to believe in himself.

5. Walk the Talk

Be the example you want your child to embrace and follow. Model how to live a caring and productive life. Show respect. Seriously consider your child's opinions and concerns. Express appreciation and love.

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