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A smart start to 2019
In 3 easy steps.

Start the new year right by playing digital lessons and tracking your kid's progress. With a Premium membership, we'll help you chart a course for 2019.

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Ignite their interest and watch them succeed in 3 easy steps:

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Step 1

Create a child profile within your account.

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This important (but easy!) step lets you take full advantage of your Premium features like Assignments and Progress Tracker.

Step 2

Have your child play a Guided Lesson.

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Guided Lessons let kids flow through a joyful sequence of games, stories, songs, and more, all carefully crafted to help them hone 800+ core skills.
Play a Guided Lesson

Step 3

Check in on their results with Progress Tracker.

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Progress Tracker lets you monitor individual kids, groups of students, see how the whole class is doing, and assign resources to help—all from the same tool!
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More "Aha!" moments with Premium.

Kids can explore, learn, and grow with everything Premium includes. Give their limitless potential unlimited access.
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